About Chris Lawer

I help to widen perspectives on value and its sustained creation in health and related service ecosystems through pragmatist complexity thinking, multi-disciplinary design frameworks and advanced adaptive methods. 

My thinking, framework and approach helps all kinds of industry, provider, NGO and government organisations to see complex systemic problems more holistically and clearly, conceive of valued interventions more confidently and lead and deliver transformation efforts more effectively. 

My work has a single purpose - to realise and sustain more healthy and flourishing lives, work, systems, societies and economies. 

Whilst my focus is health, this is deliberate as health facilitates a multi-disciplinary, integrative perspective across all domains of social system intervention and design: the built environment, education, food production and distribution, development, energy and the natural environment for example. Most health problems originate in these adjacent related systems or contexts. 

I am the author of Design and Transform Value in Health: A Service Ecosystem Framework. Available on Kindle. 

All my thinking, framework and approach for ecosystem value design is provided through my company Umio, where I work with a team of associate partners to deliver projects, workshops and advisory services. 

If you are interested in helping spread Umio thinking and would like to get involved in some super exciting ecosystem design projects - locally or globally - then do get in touch. We love to hear from progressive thinkers with purpose. 

To explore my work, come along to one of my upcoming public workshops - Transforming Health Ecosystems: Perspectives on Value, Design and Complexity. 

I am based in Oxford and work globally.  

Thanks for your interest. Do connect and say hello. Best wishes. Chris. 

Umio website: http://www.umiohealth.com
Website: http://www.chrislawer.com
Twitter: @chrislawer
Mobile: +44(0)7717 435 785