About me

I help to design and adapt ecosystem strategy, propositions, value and capabilities.

I am the author of the forthcoming book:

Value Design for Health Ecosystems: How to co-create adaptive, person-centred, health ecosystems, services and capabilities.

My framework, toolkit and services help all kinds of companies to sense, define and seize opportunities for transforming their growth profile and sustaining value-creation - through an ecosystem perspective.

I have discovered hundreds of opportunities, undertaken several strategy and innovation engagements and renewed many diverse business, product and service lines in multiple B2B, health and consumer markets and industries over the past 15 years.

I have completed and led engagements throughout Europe, the US, Brazil, India and Australia.

Also, I am an independent jobs-to-be done and Outcome Driven Innovation expert practitioner, working in all markets. I was MD of Strategyn UK from 2006-2013 and grew the franchise to the biggest globally.

I am based near Oxford U.K. but work globally.