Build and adapt ecosystem leadership, orchestration and value design capabilities

We review your current organisation, strategy,  capabilities, knowledge and resources against ecosystem-level contexts and frames. We then deploy our workshop, models and tools to help you build and embed your own Service Ecosystem Value Design® capabilities.


  • Assess current perspectives, frames and meanings of ecosystem, complexity and value

  • Determine gaps in desired performance using my capability assessment tools and models

  • Benchmark organisational design and leadership approaches against emerging models of self-organisation, ambidexterity and strategic agility

  • Assess current measures of innovation performance, value and investment against my proprietary model of ecosystem value drivers, measures and indicators.

  • Determine the fitness of capabilities, strategy and concepts to align with and advance emergent developments in technology and practice

  • Review design thinking and innovation methods for their ability and capacity to capture and address systemic challenges and opportunities

  • Scope ecosystem value-creation platforms and identify desired assets, resources, partners and capabilities

  • Adapt existing strategy, resources, capabilities and knowledge to fit with opportunities of systemic insight and value, and set-up systems to monitor and evolve them on an ongoing basis


  • Avoid an excessive concern with the “here and now” and instead build the capacity to see ecosystem futures, foresight new possibilities and build the capacities to realise them

  • Dispense with a tendency to jump-on the latest fads and ideas, without reflecting on their relevance or balance with the realities of the ecosystem

  • Transform value design, leadership and self-management capabilities within a more holistic view of value and opportunities, then lead your organisation to capture them whilst pursuing adaptive and ongoing learning

Who for?

Companies and organisations struggling to effect improvements in performance , and who wish to transform their growth profile to harness ecosystem-level opportunities, and do so on a sustained and sustainable basis. Organisations and companies may be pursuing an ecosystem leadership position or want to extend and diversify beyond traditional markets and silos of value.


  • A mixture of telephone interviews, online surveys, workshop assessment, customised to organisational type, size and purpose

  • Ongoing assessment and follow-up