An EU 2.2bn global fiber-based materials company wished to discover primary growth drivers and opportunities in the global single-serve, at-home hot beverage market. They wished to formulate a differentiated value proposition and decide on strategic product development priorities. 


In a complex service ecosystem characterised by a rapidly-shifting IP landscape, jostling competitors and constantly changing relationships and partner deals between coffee brands and appliance manufacturers, I helped my client to first understand the primary in-play, evolving business model value networks and the important strategic differences between them. With this analysis of market dynamics augmented with industry interviews and global factory visits, next I revealed the critical drivers of brand, product differentiation and growth spanning the entire single-use device value-chain from design, sustainable materials selection and manufacturing through to home appliance platform innovation and the end-user drinking experience. Finally, I crafted a series of value-propositions and relevant strategic capability development themes to drive our client's material innovation effort, targeted at specific ecosystems and the growth needs of key market players.        


Our client has embarked on a strategy of direct customer collaboration and product development to improve the at-home drinking experience and innovate specific properties of consumables.

This project was part of a major programme to develop a new corporate approach to innovation at the company. As part of this effort, I completed (with my team) over 15 market learning projects in key business areas including surgical gowns and drapes, sterile pouch systems, durable laminate surfaces, automotive fibres, décor, tape and filtration technologies. This work created new understanding of end-user needs, and led to design of advanced integration, supply chain, risk and partner strategies. Today, my client continues to post sales growth of 2-3% each year with its new innovation approach.