Design, assess and/or adapt ecosystem strategy, value propositions and concepts 

I help explore and interpret value opportunities and dynamics, then co-create, assess and adapt strategies, propositions and concepts for growth, improvement and transformation in a framed ecosystem.


  • Explore ecosystem Value Frames, their meaning, implications and possibilities

  • Co-create new directions for ecosystem value-creation with ecosystem actors

  • Design adaptive ecosystem growth strategy

  • Co-create multiple ecosystem value propositions spanning practice, product, technology, service concepts, using Value Frames to guide ideation, design and collaboration

  • Assess and develop new business, commercial and operational models

  • Consider the impact of emergent technologies and practices and other systemic adaptations and influences

  • Identify and incorporate new value drivers, model and measures into performance evaluation and MIS

  • Explore adjacent ecosystems to diversify existing propositions and capture new value

  • Create ecosystem marketing, branding, positioning,. access and pricing plans


  • Develop ecosystem-level, emergent adaptive strategy and outlook. My approach enables an organisation to work within Value Frames to explore, create and adapt value on an ongoing basis.

  • Co-create smarter, informed and evidenced solutions of all kinds with ecosystem actors. Solutions can be strategies, policies, products, technologies or services.

  • Pursue ongoing learning within a wider ecosystem view of opportunity that is not limited by narrow, silo-based short-term assumptions of solutions or ecosystem value

  • Advance systemic value-creation on a sustained and sustainable basis

Who for?

Companies and organisations wanting to transform their growth profile, develop winning value propositions, and enter new value-creation spaces.


  • Custom-designed facilitated workshops and online content collaboration sessions

  • Design services may be run standalone or in combination with Sense services for a  faster-to-concept and strategy programme, without deep evidence.