Sense ecosystem futures and possibilities. Scope initial ecosystem value frames

Become familiar with Service Ecosystem Value Design®, explore complexity and ecosystem thinking, frame an ecosystem, gather and explore emergent futures and possibilities, and design alternative frames for growth, adaptation and value-creation.


  • Obtain an introduction to my Service Ecosystem Value Design® framework

  • Frame an ecosystem using dynamic contexts to organise the sensemaking task

  • Map one or more ecosystems, and populate with current practices and actors

  • Learn the basic principles of complexity science

  • Explore new perspectives on ecosystem value, discover the core drivers of value-creation, and compare them to the current assumptions and measures used in your organisation

  • Understand the nature of complex ecosystem problems, their root-causes and the reasons for their persistence

  • Evaluate the evolution of existing practices,  programmes and initiatives

  • Sense emergent weak signals of value evolution

  • Gather high-level indicators of ecosystem opportunity free of solution-thinking

  • Frame emergent possibilities and spaces for value-creation and deeper exploration

  • Design a more comprehensive, deep-dive ecosystem value study in the Explore module


  • See opportunities, value, growth and transformation through an ecosystem frame and lens

  • Evaluate current organisational strategy, value propositions and concepts using a new frame of thinking and value-creation logic

  • Escape the limitations of the dominant logic of short-term value-thinking

  • Understand the flaws of existing innovation and design thinking approaches and methods

  • Discover and harness diverse perspectives, ideas and meanings within ecosystem actors, teams and functions

  • Begin the journey of adaptation towards higher, systemic and more sustainable forms of value and its co-creation

Who for?

Companies and organisations searching for cost-effective means to discover new paths to grow, adapt and transform effectively, with positive impact. Ecosystem Sense provides a rapid immersion in Service Ecosystem Value Design® to help you begin your journey towards sustained ecosystem-based value-creation. It is suitable for companies of any size and geographical location, and requires moderate budget.


  • 1- or 2-day workshop orientation to Service Ecosystem Value Design®

  • 15-20 day collaborative programme to sense emerging value and directions and to frame your new purpose, high-level strategy and outline value-propositions