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Let me and nature inspire you

Speaking, workshop and training events to inspire you to think, see and act differently



In my talks, I use examples from nature and the ecological sciences to entertain, educate, inspire and challenge audiences, companies and teams to capture ecosystem value.

My topics include:

  • Defining complex industry, social and health ecosystems and framing enquiry
  • Discovering novel value-creation and growth opportunities
  • Connecting deeper problem insight with design imagination and experimentation
  • The nature of ecosystem value-propositions, strategy and business models
  • Creating adaptive organisations, and what this means for leadership and innovation
  • The principles, flow, approach and benefits of Ecosystem Value Design

All my talks are highly visual, contain video of natural ecosystems (such as The Great Barrier Reef and Forest ecosystems) and include examples of how companies and organisations have successfully applied these ideas and approach in practice. 



My workshop and training events are designed for leaders, innovators, managers, policymakers and design teams in industry, provider, academic, and government organisations seeking to inspire change, overcome risks and uncertainty, and improve outcomes at scale in complex industry, health and social ecosystems.

I currently offer four formats focused on Value Design in ecosystems:

  1. RAPID ORIENTATION: Half-day introductory Value Design workshops
  2. RAPID ORIENTATION WITH ECOSYSTEM MAPPING: Introduction to Value Design with ecosystem framing, mapping and sample enquiry
  3. COMPLEX PROBLEM ECOSYSTEM ENQUIRY: Two-day workshop that dives deeper into a defined complex social ecosystem problem through group sessions and structured problem enquiry
  4. VALUE DESIGN BOOTCAMP: Four-day event focused on preparing your organisation for designing and driving sustainable change in complex health and social ecosystems – naturally 

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Let my stories from nature, ecosystem thinking and examples of successful growth and transformation inspire, prepare and challenge your audience and organisation.