Evidence, model and measure ecosystem value, drivers and dynamics

I model value-based opportunities and the dynamics of an ecosystem. This informs the design of commercial cases, adaptive strategy, programmes, business and operational models and propositions, and guides advanced systemic decision-making.


  • Determine ecosystem size, profile, dynamics, key needs and priorities

  • Model actor segments, experience, size, profile, capabilities, capacities, meanings, knowledge and resources, and changes in all of them

  • Create decision frameworks of ecosystem value, cost dynamics and drivers, experience, capability gaps and outcomes, showing hot spots and opportunities for value creation

  • Assess the value-based impact of external assets and new product, service and technology concepts prior to their licensing, purchase, prototyping or creation

  • Model the impact of practice adaptations, disruptions and creation in an ecosystem

  • Gather evidence and inputs to inform ecosystem policy and strategy decisions and design

  • Benchmark existing research, data and value measures with my model of ecosystem value, factors and relationships

  • Develop a fully-evidenced and costed ecosystem business, operational or service model


  • Obtain deep insight into ecosystem value dynamics along with applied measures for advanced, systemic decision-making

  • Better understand and consider the drivers and factors underlying unmet needs, experiences and problems

  • Anticipate the likely impact of ecosystem interventions, adaptations and technologies prior to initial or additional investment, acquisition, development

  • Determine likely customer responses and take the “case for change” to them with deep evidence of the likely efficacy and impact of your strategy, programme, concept(s), technology or initiative

Who for?

Companies and organisations, along with investors seeking to determine and measure the complex, connected value dynamics of framed ecosystems, and then assess the effect of concepts and adaptations with greater confidence and knowledge. Ecosystem Model is conducted with other service modules or standalone depending on your research and data quality.


  • A range of service modes are available depending on whether we run Ecosystem Model against your existing data or our own that we gather from our other modules.