"Chris takes it to next level by asking the (new right) critical questions. Very helpful and inspiring." Director, Digital Innovation and Transformation, Philips.

"Chris and his team are top professionals in this field, they delivered on time and on budget, with the final product being the best piece of pre-business planning a company could hope for. Their ability to depict and model innovation opportunities from all angles is quite simply phenomenal! An outstanding piece of work." Paolo di Vincenzo, VP, Global Marketing, Systagenix

"It was important we put into place a driver of a different way of thinking. Umio made a lot of people to think differently about user needs. it allowed different parts of the organisation to come together and understand users in a different way, leading to the successful development of several new ostomy care products." Peter Kragh, Head of TPP, Ostomy Care, Coloplast.

"You’ve gathered a phenomenal amount of information which will be highly valuable to the programme. Everyone back here has been rushing over this afternoon to ask me how it all went and I’ve had nothing but praise for your efforts so far. It has been a massive learning opportunity for me too in terms of wound management, challenges faced, healthcare set-up and last but not least, the Umio methodology.” Gillian Brydon, ITI Scotland

"Chris delivers great tools for those looking to ensure their new product development, commercial and design path is right from the start ... if not earlier." Andrew Tubb, Global Diabetes Director, Sanofi

“In all my years in business, I have never heard such a glowing reference of a company. On this basis, I have decided to go ahead with the project with you, immediately.” Christian Weith, Marketing Director, Novozymes

“Your diagnostic market opportunity assessment project was so impressive that my Board will sign off Umio as a provider without hesitation. Your work is far more detailed and precise than that delivered by our incumbent providers.” Steve Atkins, CEO, Systagenix

"Awesome ! Brilliant! And super impactful! I admire and appreciate your work and your deep ecosystems approach I can see how it would extend and enhance my work in terms of clinical reasoning for advanced practice in nursing.” Daniel Pesut, Director Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

"Bottom line is that Chris Lawer offers a terrific alternative to existing technology biased strategies." Bernard J. Mohr, President, Innovation Partners International (Maine)

"Chris Lawer offers a very robust, timely, and highly useful ecosystem design framework, based on an artful combination of strategic and design thinking within a solid ecological systems perspective that is essential to address today's complex health and other service/business challenges." Bert Painter, President STS Roundtable

"Chris! You lead an excellent presentation / discussion. A great example of how careful, detailed analysis can shed light on important organizational dilemmas. Thank you!" Peter Jay Sorenson CMC, Owner Strategic Organization Design

"Healthcare systems the world over are struggling to innovate to respond to the ever-growing demands upon them. Chris's approach is distinctive and powerful, and should help.”  Peter Templeton, Director of Product Development, CN Bio Innovations, UK

"Thank you, Chris, for delivering such an amazing session. The concepts and experiences you shared were a great foundation to support our work the rest of the week." Marcela Urteaga, Culture Designer / Change Management Lead at York University

"Chris Lawer’s model is way ahead of how medical service providers and pharma / device manufacturers think today. It gives them a way to categorize and simplify complexity and understand healthcare interactions at a much more actionable level. Excellent work."  Rob Schade, Chief Customer Officer, Strategyn

"We asked Chris to redefine our strategy and value propositions in a time of exponential change. Through the Umio Value Design Framework we now see things in different ways and are discovering many new opportunities. We are now using the Umio Value Design Framework in all our strategic projects." Cristiano Daolio, formerly Chief Strategy Officer, Cromsource