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Papers, webinars and videos to view and download




Papers, webinars and videos to view and download

VIDEO: The Evolution of Value and Knowledge in Health and Care: An Ecosystem Perspective

View my Plexus Institute webinar, recorded on 30th January 2019

The Evolution of Value: From Exchange to Ecosystem

Click on the image to view and download the wall chart pdf (600 mm by 400 mm)

A Brief Introduction to Health Ecosystem Value Design

Speaking at Healthcare Expo, Milton Keynes, November 2018

Unfortunately, the filming did not pick up the detail of my slides. Nevertheless, I hope it is possible to grasp the content from my words. Contact me to arrange a 1:1 presentation.

A brief walk through Health Ecosystem Value Design® Framework

Written by me and Filmed solo on an iPhone at Calvert Lake, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Countryside, early October 2017

Health Ecosystem Value Design: Value Sensing, Exploration, Strategy and Co-Creation Framework

The original edition of my framework now available in full-colour, glossy, oversized letterhead format.

In increasingly complex, fast-evolving, multi-actor health and care systems, the shortcomings of traditional technology-first, disease-oriented, outcomes-based and patient-centric thinking on value and its creation are becoming more and more apparent.

I bring an alternative value perspective. One that recognises and embraces the new forms and drivers of value, and that helps to sense, explore and realise novel possibilities for its creation – eco-systemically, adaptively, contextually and sustainably.

Buy the first edition of my framework for co-creating health ecosystem value.

From exchange to ecosystem - reimagining value in health and care.png

16 pages. October 2018

Advancing Patient Safety in Acute and Home Environments_ Exploring the Problem and Framing Alternatives.png

12 pages. August 2018

From Chief Executive to Chief Ecosystem Officer_ The new innovation leaders-2.jpg

6 pages. March 2017

Making Design Thinking Work in Complex Ecosystems such as Healthcare-2.jpg

4 pages. July 2016

Foundations Applications and Benefits of Umio Health Value Design.jpg

4 pages. November 2016

Eight Styles of Customer Value Co-Creation.jpg

4 pages. Nov 2007 (Rev Aug 2017)